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BROAD BAND FILTER from MTE Page 28 of 28
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541. Part #: RC75SBF-D
Description: BBF,480V,SCR,RC,35KVAR

542. Part #: RC75SBFA
Description: BBF,208-240V,SCR,RC,45KVAR

543. Part #: RC75SBFE
Description: BBF,600V,SCR,RC,35KVAR

544. Part #: RC7DBF-C
Description: BBF,380-415V,DIO,RC,6KVAR

545. Part #: RC7DBF-D
Description: BBF,480V,DIO,RC,4KVAR

546. Part #: RC7DBFA
Description: BBF,208-240V,DIO,RC,5KVAR

547. Part #: RC7DBFC
Description: BBF, 380-415V, RC TYPE, 50HZ

548. Part #: RC7DBFD
Description: BBF, 480V, RC TYPE, 60HZ

549. Part #: RC7DBFE
Description: BBF,600V,DIO,RC,5KVAR

550. Part #: RC7SBF-C
Description: BBF,380-415V,SCR,RC,6KVAR

551. Part #: RC7SBF-D
Description: BBF,480V,SCR,RC,4KVAR

552. Part #: RC7SBFA
Description: BBF,208-240V,SCR,RC,5KVAR

553. Part #: RC7SBFE
Description: BBF,600V,SCR,RC,5KVAR